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Things we do

We work on projects that are small. large and Agency size projects. Don't get it twisted our level of work ethic is fire and we want to guide you to build an amazing experience that will allow for you to quit your job. We aren't Gurus. We might not know your exact process so don't keep us guessing.


Automation and Offer

Your business doesn't have to be crippled. Let's get on a call to make amends with what you have been missing. We can do this together.Don't delay!

Business Plans and IDEC

Business Plans and IDEC's are important to any major business if you are not trying to just "play business owner" and say I run a company. Your vision must come out and you certainly must make critical decisions.

Group Coaching

If you don't want me to do the work and your not real seious about massive progress or don't have a reasonable budget to scale. We can still help. We want you to be ready to go for it all but it might not be your thing yet. Group coaching will help you do this yourself.

One on One Video Coaching

One on One video coaching is availble through forms and an online client experience. This is programming just for you from the words coming from my mouth and thoughts from this brain. Our One on One coaches will convey the right message for you and spend 1 hour per week with you gathering and asking about what your need for the perfect client experience is for you.

Fire Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are very needed in the day and age. Imagine running your business with a better bottom line. Save the money and build a scalable culture that you decide on. We don't have to be held hostage by bad employees ever again.

We just need to connect

If we connect just for giggle we can form a greater relationship. I am certain that we can share som laughs, so tap in with me.

We have so many Projects working, you have to check these out!

We work with a lot of High End Coaches and want to recruit you to help us change the world one soul at a time. What are your areas of expertise? What will you share. How will you change 1000 people for the better?

Pedros List

Pedros List is a company that will change the finincial climate of the people of South America by helping them earn money through alternative currencies accepted by many companies.


We have some fans and other get to be haters. Here is what some life changing people are saying.

We really want to make you happy, moreover if your process isn't perfect we will provide you with a fix!

We really know that your client journey is important. We want you to capture the perfect dream and implement this into a strategy that will change the way you help people. Define your message and get it out to the masses. It isn't Rocket Surgery, just ask Brian McKittrick!


Years Alive


thousands and counting


Got back up


We Will never quit on you!


I won't know how I can help you grow from where you are without connecting with you. I need you to see for yourself that everything you ever needed was and still is right here in front of you.

Meet The People

We are here to serve you. We want you to win and we have to knock this out fast. Your business depends on it. We want you to overcome fear & failure before it's too late.

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